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Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) games are known for their narrative-first mechanics and flexible, fiction-driven rules. Most fantasy PbtA games like Dungeon World don't have a traditional skill system, instead relying on players describing their actions in the game world. While this works great for most groups, some players—especially those coming from D&D 5e—enjoy having a more concrete skill system to leverage during play. A skill system may also be appreciated by players who haven’t adjusted to how failures can compound in a PbtA game, believing their characters should be successful more often at a few core activities. Thanks to the D&D Systems Reference Document 5.1 now being licensed under the Creative Commons, joining the rich PbtA Commons, it’s now easy to fuse a skill system onto your favorite fantasy PbtA game.

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5E_Skill_System_for_Fantasy_PbtA_Games_1.01.pdf 2 MB


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Thanks for sharing!

There’s a slight typo on page 7: “Traveler” should be spelled “Traveller”.

(1 edit)

Thanks! Fixed. I also needed to reference AD&D 2e, 1989, which included optional skills (non-weapon proficiencies). And I reformatted it so that pages 5 and 6 have everything needed to use this, including the skill move and all the skills.